Politicians are the first ones to rush to war and military men the last ones!

Πέμπτη, 29 Αυγούστου 2013

So who are more war-hungry?
The military brass or the politicians?

 From Russia Today

The UK and US need to produce the evidence they claim to have that proves the Syrian regime used chemical weapons, a former head of the British navy Baron West told RT.

As the western powers call for a military strike, Baron Alan West of Spithead, a former First Sea Lord and senior security adviser to the British government, warned that the conflict could spiral out of control and play into the hands of al-Qaeda-linked rebel groups operating in Syria.

RT: Should Britain take part in a US-led military campaign?

Alan West: Well, I was very concerned when I came back into this country to find that we seem to be on a course to go straight down the track of military action. I was not at all happy with that, having seen the run-up to the Iraq War. I think we need to wait for the report from the UN inspectors. It seems bizarre that we should take action before the UN team that is reporting on our behalf, to give us the report, so we should wait for that. It looks as though it will say that chemical weapons were used, but we must wait and see.

I think also that we need to see the hard intelligence that the UK and US believe they have to show the regime did actually carry out this appalling atrocity. If we have got this evidence, I think we should show that and display it because people don’t trust this sort of information anymore. Then I think we should sit down with the Russians and say: “Right, you think it was the opposition that did it, let’s sit down and look at all this intelligence here and when we can prove it is one or the other. Then that will be the position.” If we can prove it’s the regime we can say: “Right, it’s the regime,” then I think we should go to the UN Security Council and say to them we believe we need a Security Council resolution. And I imagine Russia and China, if Russia has admitted that actually the intelligence and the evidence shows it was the regime, will abstain.

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