The Ukraine War - a pretext for European "unification"?

Κυριακή, 31 Αυγούστου 2014

The US has done it for decades; inventing foreign enemies in order to "unite" its vast citizenry under the American cause and banner.

Today, EU officials were trying to portray Russia as  "Europe's enemy" and trying to sell Ukraine's problem as Europe's problem! The propaganda was headlining all major media outlets with the BBC running titles such as "EU must act on Russia aggression" and "Russia practically in a war against Europe" which adopt the classic oversimplified pre-war brainwash so often encountered in American mainstream media.

 Besides the obvious attempt to gather support for another "Crimean war" there is an attempt to instill a sense of collective European psyche where it is not individual countries that Russia is "practically at war with" but the whole of Europe.

This is the EU leadership's first real attempt at using such propaganda to drive political unification across the EU. Financial unification was already been implemented 2 years ago, using the economic "crisis" in countries like Greece and Portugal as a pretext. But the EU's drive for harsh economic reform has been met with fierce resentment and public opinion is swinging against political unification with nationalist and eurosceptic parties  on the rise across the EU.

The reality is that Russia will never cease control of the strategic Crimean peninsula as it is the only location across the Black sea that is fit to hold large naval bases. And the Black sea is critical for the supply of oil and gas to Europe. When Russia lost the Crimean war in 1854 after the fall of Sevastopol, it lost its dominance in the Black sea. The overthrow of President VictorYanucovych by pro-Western "activists" jeopardized the status of the Russia's bases in the Crimean and the intention of NATO to establish military bases in Ukraine meant that a land passage to Crimea through eastern Ukraine had to be secured.Then of course, these territories are important for economic reasons.

This means that by instigating the violent change of Ukrainian government to advance a pro-EU/IMF agenda, the EU declared war on Russia, not the other way around!

The EU rhetoric comes as a response to the events that are unfolding on the theater of war. Of course, the EU leaders knew that Russia wouldn't give up the Black sea, meaning that the failure of the Ukrainian military campaign was an absolute certainty. In reality, their plan has always been to split Ukraine into two states, but creating a new bully in the neighborhood is critical for fostering a "European identity".

Because the idea of the EU and NATO taking direct military action against Russia is ludicrous.Putting the risk for a nuclear holocaust aside, the Russians are determined to fight and die for East Ukraine whereas neither the Ukrainian soldiers and definitively nor the Europeans are. If we are, as we are told, to respect the EU "principles" that were used to establish the Kosovan state through NATO bombardment and under the guise of the Albanian majority's right to self determination, then we should grant the same right to the ethnic-Russians who dominate the east provinces of Ukraine. But thus far the EU has shown no sensibility towards these civilians who have come under heavy fire by the EU's Ukrainian "allies."

I may be dumb but I cannot see why Ukraine's war is "my war"?