Police, racist, or just plain violent?

Πέμπτη, 24 Δεκεμβρίου 2015

A glance at the statistics of people killed in 2015 by the Police in the U.S. shows that their gun barrel does not discriminate ... not even when it fires against 4 year old caucasian toddlers (the policemen involved in that case were black). In fact, half of those killed by Police are white caucasians.

The most common trait amongst the victims is that they seem to be predominately poor males. The most disturbing cases involve mentally deranged individuals who are literally placed in front of a firing squad and executed. In fact, being shot by Police is becoming an increasingly preferred way to commit suicide.

Watching the disturbing shooting of Mario Woods in San Fransisco, would any one think it would have turned out differently, had he been white? Well, here is a similar shooting of a white man by Police in Miami. On average if you are "black" you are almost twice as likely to be killed by Police, but that may be because you are twice more likely to "encounter" a member of the Police Force due to socioeconomic reasons without meaning that their behaviour towards you and your chances of surviving the encounter will be any different.

Yet, it is mostly the inherently racist "Black lives matter" campaign that appears in mainstream media. As if only the lives of the "black" victims matter.

Whether the american judicial system discriminates by not punishing crimes against "black" victims is a different matter as the judicial system should not be an instrument for reforming Police Force doctrine. In fact, police force members tend to be favoured by the Law no matter who they shoot at.

As it usually happens when important issues are purposely distorted in american politics, turning this matter into yet another "minority rights" issue, ensures that the problem remains unresolved. Arguing that the american Police Force is "racist" seems more like an attempt to hide the elephant in the room...

In a society whose citizenry "must" possess and freely operate guns, the Police FORCE exercises fear and extreme intimidation in order to assert the order of the State "efficiently". The American Police Force doctrine imposes this extreme level of intimidation by creating a entirely new social class and alienating it from the citizenry by indoctrinating the members of this "police class" that their lives matter and ours don't.

Essentially, reforming the Police Force is impossible without first confronting the reality that the way the American government exercises its rule is still deeply embedded in the violence of the gun barrel.  Whether, dehumanizing life at "home" or abroad, this is a reality that American society chooses not to confront, but to distort, in order to serve the financial interests of its ruling class.