The migrant crisis provides cover for the eilmination of territorial sovereignty of EU member states

Σάββατο, 5 Δεκεμβρίου 2015

Behind every crisis, the powers that be conspire to implement radicla "reforms". The migrant crisis overwhleming Europe this year was not a random crisis. It was triggered by the newly elected SYRIZA goverment's decision in March 2015, to dismantle the illegal immigrant holding areas, freeing illegal immigrants and allowing them to roam free in the country.

The news of the open border policy implemented by Mr. Tsipras and his government spread quickly and within weeks, thousands of illegal immigrants and potential refugees started washing up on Greek shores. Given that no greek govenrment has ever been independent in the last few decades, it is impossible to imagine that this policy did not obtain the approval of the influencal european states. In fact, the Turkish and Greek states were heavily involved in the traficking. The Turkish authorities allowed the development of a traficking operation of industrial proportions, while the Greek State hired companies to feed migrants and passenger ferries, buses and trains to transport them accross Greece. At the same time, Germany and Sweden were already preparing to receive hundreds of thousands of "refugees" suggesting that they had prior knowledge of the migrants prefered destination and the magnitude of the influx.

These and other facts indicate that this crisis was instigated and well planned by the European leaders. The question is why?

 There are many explanations but two are worth discussing in the context of european unification. In much the same way that the Greek crisis served as the Trojan horse to break through the walls of sovereingty in economic policy and banking, the migrant crisis is aimed at extinguishing the territorial sovereignty of european union member states.

The first measure implemented to fight the migrant crisis was the obligatory allocation of migrants accross eurpean countries. This unprecendent measure passed without any major objections and literally provided the precendent for a centralized control of population movements that overcomes the authority of individual states. Immigration is big on the EU agenda which aims at introducing some 55 million immigrants into the EU by 2050 to support economic development (ie. keeping wages low).

Now, using Greece as the Trojan Horse once more, the EU is taking this measure further to allow for centralized control of a much more critical type of human resource - the military! "

We are now informed that "later this month, EU officials will discuss a new proposal that would allow Frontex to be deployed without the consent of the host country, as long as the majority of European states vote for it." (Source)

Germany has been leading the european integration efforts. By taking advantage of what appears to be a well-planned "crisis," the EU policy makers are quickly doing away with territorial sovereignty, the last obstacle to european unification, ironically under the guise of promoting better border control.

The Greeks may be "celebrating" that they avoided being suspended from the "Schengen agreement" - a rather hollow threat, but through its intentional "failures" the Greek government has once more aided the German cause. Not suprisingly, the Frontex troops are being sent to  Greece's northern borders and not the Greek-Turkish point of entries. Frontex's mission is to turn country into one huge refugee camp rather than help avert the illegal entry of immigrants from Turkey.