Europe's "Janissaries" are returing home with a vengeance

Τρίτη, 22 Μαρτίου 2016

European leaders turned the blind eye when thousands of second generation european islamists left to fight Europe's Jihad against Assad in Syria. The West trained them and armed them in Turkey. They then allowed them free passage through Greece back into Europe.

Now Europe's non-muslim citizens are paying the price for going along with this crazy plan while their"leaders" continue to wage their oil wars abroad and implement the Islamization of a unified Europe unabated.

A few months ago Paris was hit, today Brussels. Where will they strike tomorrow... Holland, the United Kingdom, Germany? Many european countries with large muslim communities are at much higher risk.

These attacks could be foreseen a long time ago but as it turned out, they could not be prevented. The tactics are the same as the ones used in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, with terrorists employing a combination of assault rifle attacks and suicide bombers carrying powerful explosives. Nobody has reported on how the terrorists are smuggling in their bombs and assault rifles.

Similar to the Madrid attacks of 2004 and the London attacks of 2005, these are blind attacks and everyone in major public places can be a target.

It seems that we learned nothing since then. Europe's leaders will step up to ask their citizens not to be trapped in fear which could lead them in the hands of the "evil" right-wing nationalists, blaming a handful of Islamists for these attacks, rather than their own long-drawn policies. They will ask their citizens to "isolate" the extremists but these are just empty words...