Brexit, a no-brainer?

Κυριακή, 5 Ιουνίου 2016

Contrary to what the UK media have been projecting in recent weeks, the question of whether to exit or remain in the EU might be a fairly easy one to answer.

On certain benefit of exiting the EU would be that the UK would regain control of important aspects of its affairs. In recent years the EU has been moving forward with political and economic union in a completely non-transparent and undemocratic way, taking away national sovereignty from member states. And even in those extremely rare matters where EU citizens can still vote on, the bigger a state gets, the more one's vote is diluted. The EU is inherently anti-democratic.There have been countless statements from EU officials opposing referendums. If you are for democracy, Brexit is a no-brainer. 

Everything else, the economy, trade, travel, health would depend on bilateral deals that the UK can negotiate with the EU. Exiting the EU, would mean that the UK would actually have the power to change these conditions via negotiations rather than by trying to lobby them within a rigid EU structure. Again, Brexit is a no-brainer. That being said, the economy is far too globalized these days to expect much change in any event.

Of course there are are different ways of having a special relationship with the EU. Turkey for example enjoys many of the economic benefits of an EU but is free to carve its own policies... for better or for worse you might say, but still they are in control. Norway on the other hand executes most EU directives... but again at the end of the day it is by their own choice through a democratic system Norwegians control.

 Most importantly, the UK would be escaping the chains of the procrustean practice of the central european authority imposing a "one size (Germany's) fits all", policy! 

Finally, here is an important question that nobody is asking. Would an exit vote translate to a real exit for the UK? 

Judging from the aftermath of last year's Greek referendum, this is highly unclear. Certainly, an exit win in the referendum would provide the UK with more bargaining power in the EU-UK negotiations (although Cameron seems to be mostly pretending to negotiate to appease his voters...). On the other hand, a remain vote would give the British government more power to EU directives in the future.